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Interview on Caribbean Author’s Network

Taste the Essence of the Caribbean In The Art of Cooking: Soul of the Caribbean, Chef Selwyn Richards offers simple recipes that are sure to tug at your memories of home. But even if you are a newbie to the cuisine, these step-by-step methods, sample menus and easily available ingredients make creating these dishes a cinch. At your next meal or event, experience the riotous, tantalizing flavour that’s truly Caribbean and create wow!

Boneless Jerk Chicken

Chef Selwyn Heats Up The Grill on Canada AM

Chef Selwyn Richards heats up the grill and puts tolerance for spice to the test with a few classic and unique jerk recipes. Read more: http://canadaam.ctvnews.ca/recipes/find-your-inner-jerk-boneless-jerk-chicken-with-jamaican-rice-and-peas-1.1949548#ixzz3DxTIola5  


Food Styling on Set - Toronto, 05 Mar 2014

Covert Affairs

Food Styling on Set, Crew Catering - Hamilton, 09 Mar 2014

Braised Oxtail with Grace Lima Beans

Curry Tofu with Portobello Mushroom


(1998 Music Video) Food Stylist / Catering

Soul Food

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Comfort & Joy

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Suburban Madness

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Anonymous Rex

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I Do, Let’s Eat

(2005 TV Series) Featuring The Art Of Catering

Fever Pitch

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Just Visiting

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