Ackee and Smoked Salmon Val-Au-Vent

Coconut Water & Coconut Milk

Chef Selwyn Richards

2014 HJA – Business: Selwyn Richards

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The Art of Cooking: Soul of the Caribbean #1 Caribbean Cookbook on

#1 Caribbean Cookbook on

Nadine’s Spiced Rum Cocktail

Best Island Rum Punch Recipe Winner! hot rum toddy "I love this cocktail year round and in the winter I warm all ingredients together on the stove for a Winter Warm Rum Hot Toddy" -Nadine Spencer Ingredients 1 cup orange juice 2 ounces dark rum (Appleton is my favourite) 1 tablespoon Pimento Liquer 4 clove sticks 1 slice lemon 1 cinnamon stick Method 1. In a cocktail shaker, with ice, add all the ingredients 2. Shake well 3. Pour into cocktail glass with ice Garnish with lemon and cinnamon stick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Additio...

...made our day amazing

"Steve and I would like to express our sincere thanks to Selwyn, yourself and the staff that helped to make the food at our wedding on May 14th, 2011 so spectacular! All of our guests were amazed and happy with our menu choices... Thanks again for helping to make our day so amazing."

- Steve & Renee Beckford

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Video Food is Fun

Food can be a lot of fun. Select from a variety, choose fresh and local when you can, eat for health and flavour, have fun.

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Jerk Chicken is traditionally quite spicy hot, however, I'll try to give your taste buds flavours that will make your mouth happy. - Chef Selwyn


Umami is described as the fifth taste. Ask most people and they will tell you the human tongue can detect four basic tastes; sweet, sour, bitter and salty, but the sense of taste is actually much more complicated. The smell, look, sound and texture of food also help the taste bud relay to mission control in the brain. In recent years Umami has been recognized as the fifth taste that involves all the senses and is said to have a spiritual or mystical quality. It evokes a special emotional response when that taste is experienced. If your dinner date seems to have left ...

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